G’day, I’m Catherine Crout-Habel, live in South Australia, am retired and so now have the time to indulge in my passion … researching Family History.

This takes me down many highways and byways.  Often I’m spun around in circles.  Brick walls rise out of the ether, challenging me to bash them down, then the tiniest little clue sets me off on an amazing course … discovering I had an Auntie, finding previously unknown “rellies”, re-connecting with those lost through family fueds and finding new friends who also share my passion fills my days and much of my nights.

As an outlet for the turbulent emotions this obsession engenders, I’ve created Weird, Wild & Wonderful.  It’s my playground and the title describes my life as I’m living it at this very moment. 

You might like to come play with me … I’d love to read some of your  jokes, experiences and thoughts.

Have to confess that when setting up my “Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~ Finding Family” blog I fell in love with this “Strange Little Town” theme and it was calling, calling, calling to me …   

Many thanks to my lovely Sister-in-Love, Mary, for this fun picture of me as Odile, the Black Swan … which harks back to my days as a dancer.

Love & Light …


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